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Blue Line Pest Police is a locally owned, small town company, owned by two veteran Police Officers. Travis and Lexie Huckaby come from a long line of public servants and they have dedicated their lives to serving others. This kind of dedication to service has moved on to their businesses. Travis and Lexie go the extra mile, day in and day out, to provide the BEST possible extermination services to their clients. Blue Line Pest Police serves multiple DFW cities. Travis’ expertise in insects, rodents, and termites have excelled them in the pest control community and the Blue Line name is becoming a household name. Travis and Lexie pride themselves on getting the job done right, the first time. Travis, who is also a Professional Home Inspector, TREC License #22183, will also investigate your home and find areas around your home that may be producing and housing insects and other pests. Travis will also device an extensive Integrated Pest Management plan specifically designed for your home, and will assist in making changes to your home in order to eliminate pest entry points. Blue Line Pest Police offer major discounts to Law Enforcement, Fire Fighters, and Military Peronnel (active and veterans). These discounts are to show our appreciation to the service that these men and women provide for our communities and our nation on a daily basis. You will NEVER find another company that will compare to our prices and our services!! Along with Pest Control, Blue Line Pest Police also will take care of your yard and turf needs. Travis will bring his knowledge of turf maintenance to your home and have your yard healthier than ever. Yards take a very delicate touch and many hours to ensure that the quality of turf is what you want. Fertilization, Herbicides, grassy weed control, and turf pests will be taken care of and an inspection of watering habits completed as well. Tips on grass maintenance will also be provided in order to help your turf reach the level of wellness that all homeowners want. You’re one step away from getting a free consultation and a better looking yard.


Travis and Lexie protect and serve the community at every turn. From Law enforcement to pest control, and even home inspection; they are people you can trust.

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