Bat Removal in Waxahachie

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Professional Bat Removal

The discovery of bats in your home is an unwelcome surprise. Bats are nocturnal and often create disruptive noises during the night. They secrete droppings and cause unpleasant smells. In severe cases, they can carry diseases and viruses into the home and cause structural damage to your building. Suffice it to say, bats are not welcome visitors in the average household. That’s where we come in. We specialize in humane bat control services for adult and baby bats. Consider us your top local source for effective bat removal at a fair price.

Bat removal is a unique procedure, unlike other wildlife removal procedures. The law forbids chemicals or poison to be used as bats are protected mammals. They may not be trapped or killed. The only way to remove bats is to seal all access points off and build one-way exits through which the bats will permanently leave. Bats leave their homes at night to eat. After our technicians have prepared your property, the bats will exit through the one-way openings and will not be able to re-enter.

Bat Exclusion

Our exclusion work is a thorough process that ensures long-term protection from bats entering your property. We utilize a wide range of specialty materials designed to keep bats out of buildings. Some of the items we may use to seal off your property from bat entry include:

  • Bat cones
  • Eviction devices
  • All-weather sealants
  • Steel mesh fabric
  • Customized screens
  • Chimney and vent covers

Bats typically like to roost in attics and older homes with existing gaps in the structure. Common openings that allow bats inside your home include:

  • Broken chimney caps
  • Torn screens
  • Loose shingles
  • Broken siding
  • Basement doors

Rest assured, our technicians will analyze every square inch of your home’s exterior to identify these entryways and build a bat-proof barrier over them.

Bat Removal Services: Post-Exclusion Follow-Up

When we do a job, we do it right. For us, that means we always follow up with our clients to make sure our bat exclusion efforts were successful and that you are now enjoying bat-free premises. You can expect comprehensive support from our technicians, starting from the initial home inspection and extending weeks after the exclusion procedure. We are wholly committed to earning your satisfaction. We’ll make sure that you are completely content with our program during the follow-up visit.

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Blue Line Pest Police is the bat removal company at the forefront of the local industry. We boast a long track record of success for excluding even large bat colonies from homes and commercial buildings in the region.

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