L&T Home Inspections was founded by Travis and Lexie Huckaby in the spring of 2016 in Ellis County, Texas. They have served over 20 years in law enforcement and have many more in the constuction industry. Public service and protecting the community at large comes naturally to them which is why they began their home inspection business. We have all heard of the nightmare homes people can get into and it soon becomes a money pit or a headache. Well at L&T Home Inspections we are here to protect our clients and make sure they invest in a home that will last for many years to come and bring the happiness a home is supposed to bring. Not every home is perfect, far from it, but knowing and understanding what you are purchasing is key to not being caught off guard with major repairs or issues. We provide the highest quality of service to our clients with inspections that are honest, meticulous and thorough. We have that Big O’ Texas Pride for our work, our family, our friends and our clients and will go the extra mile to maintian that reputation.



Pre-existing Homes

A Professional Home Inspection of pre-existing homes will definitely uncover some nasty secrets the home is trying to hide. Every home has issues, old or new, and we are here to uncover as much as possible. Throughout the years a pre-existing home has existed, you have to take into account how many “contractors” have lived in that home and what kind of work may have been completed. We will do what we can to uncover these issues and find as much as possible. This inspection is for the new Buyer or the Seller of the home.

New Home Final Inspections

If you have built a new home for your family, you may think that hiring an Inspector is a waste of your money. This could not be further from the truth. All new homes have issues just like any other home will. Large home building companies have a vested interest in building your new home as fast as possible, which can lead to cutting corners. When this happens, it can cost you time, and money because you expected your home to be new with no issues. Having your new home inspected by L&T Home Inspections can save you this heartache and get the issues fixed properly before signing that dotted line.

New Home Warranty Inspections

This is one that nobody ever thinks about, until now. Let’s say you’ve built your brand new home and the contractor has given you the typical “1 year Contractor Warranty”. This means that anytime during the first year of you and your family living in your new house something goes wrong, you can call the contractor and get them to fix it with no cost to you. Why not have L&T Home Inspections come to your home and provide an extensive Inspection report detailing the issues with your new home so you can provide the documentation to your contractor? Don’t wait until it’s too late to get this done!


This is very important for you as a customer of L&T Home Inspections, PLLC. The report is a vital portion of this process and some homes require research. Reports are started on the same day of the inspection, but typically they will be sent to you the next day. The report will be easy to follow, pictures to depict any problem areas and deficiencies, and detailed to ensure you that your decision is the correct one. Remember, we work for you so your satisfaction is paramount.

The home inspection process details hundreds of areas in a home including:

Roof, vents, flashings and trim * Gutters and downspouts * Skylight, chimney and other roof penetrations * Decks, stoops, porches, walkways and railings * Eaves, offsite and fascia * Grading and drainage * Basement, foundation and crawlspaces * Water penetration and foundation movement

Services Continued...

* Heating Systems * Cooling Systems * Main water shut-off valves * Water heating systems * Interior plumbing fixtures and faucets * Electrical service line and meter box * Main disconnect and service amperage * Electrical panels, breakers and fuses * Grounding and bonding * GFCI’s and AFCI’s * Fireplace damper door and hearth * Insulation and ventilation * Garage doors, safety sensors and openers * And much more…



TREC License Number 22183

L&T Home Inspections, PLLC Travis & Lexie Huckaby P.O. BOX 51 Midlothian, TX TREC License Number 22183

TREC License Number 22183

L&T Home Inspections, PLLC Travis & Lexie Huckaby P.O. BOX 51 Midlothian, TX TREC License Number 22183

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